Richard Hummel
Richard Hummel
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Richard Hummel runs NETSCOUT’s Threat Research team. A military veteran who has had extensive experience both in uniform and in private industry as a cybersecurity analyst, he is an authority on deciphering threat intelligence—discovering the reasons behind cyberattacks and distilling global trends in the cyber threat environment.

The “new normal” of 10M DDoS attacks demands increased vigilance

There were nearly 1.6 million more DDoS attacks in 2020 than 2019’s count of 8.5 million, illustrating that DDoS attack numbers are moving in only one direction—up. With this massive uptick in DDOS attacks – hitting more than 10 million…

The three motives driving government focused DDoS Attacks

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, government cybersecurity has been tested to new limits. According to the NETSCOUT Cyber Threat Horizon, the number of DDoS attacks worldwide has gone up every month for the past three months running, or since many…