Lena Rivera
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Lena is an Editor and Writer for GovCyberHub who contributes to the content strategy for the site and several other online publications. Lena covers a wide range of topics at the intersection of public sector technology and federal government modernization initiatives. Lena has deep experience working in the healthcare and medical field, where she was responsible for translating medical research projects and even hosted a successful medical podcast.

Rules before tools: Securing cyber and software supply chains with C-SCRM

As cyber and software supply chain threats continue to increase in volume, government agencies must take into consideration how vulnerable their supply chains are to potentially catastrophic cyber-attacks.   In a recent webinar hosted by Digital Government Institute, Brian Paap,…

How federal agencies can defend themselves against ransomware

Ransomware is an all-too-real threat in today’s world. Malicious cyber actors have expanded their ransomware techniques, resulting in breaches of anything from K-12 educational institutions, government agencies, and even high-profile brands like Garmin and Uber. In a recent webinar hosted…