Alex Goin
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Alex Goin is a Staff Writer for the GovCyberHub, alongside a steadily growing list of other online trade publications focused on universal communication solutions, federal government agency technology, military, and cybersecurity. When she's not writing, she spends her free time educating thousands on lizard care, hanging out with her five lizards, animating, and going to raves and EDM festivals.

Digital Transformation for the Public Sector – Driving Efficiency and Improving Public Services

Efficient and ethical data use during the coronavirus pandemic not only saved lives, but also demonstrated the need for federal government agencies to provide more robust digital services to the public. The rise of health precautions – such as social…

How IT modernization is the solution to every government agency need

In today’s age of digital transformation, it seems that new, groundbreaking and revolutionary technologies are emerging every day. A lot of us grew up with futuristic movies capturing the possibilities of technology and what our world could evolve into. Now,…